Description of Defination Using Short Words


T1/T2/T3/T4/T5- Target1/Target2/Target3/Target4/Target5
Buy- Purchase/Bought
Sell- Sell/Sold
Long- Buy Side
Short- Sell Side
SL -Stoploss
AT- Given Level AT Call Time
Range- Enter If Come Call Level
Between- Enter in Given Level
Above- Cross Uper Level
Below- Breach Lower Level
CMP- Current Market Price
Exit- Close Out Positions
Full- Complete
Positional/Carry Over- Holding


Today- Same Day
Y'Day- Yesterday/Previous Day
Prev- Previous/Last
Pos- Position


CL- Closing
OP- Opening
PROJ- Projection
MKT LTP- Market Last Trade Price
Fut- Future
Opt- Option
Spot- Spot Physical
FSP- Final Settlement Price
Arround/Almost- Near Level
Mini- Small Lot
Mega- Regular Lot

Support- Lower Strong Level
Support Zone- Lower Strong Area
Resistance- Uper Strong Level
Resistance Zone- Uper Strong Area

MSP- Minimum Support Price


OPEC- Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
USDA- United States Department of Agriculture
SOPA- Soybean Processors Association of India
ICOA- International Castor Oil Association

AIFTA- All India Forward Traders Association

Exch- Exchange 

CBOT- Chicago Board of Trade
KLCE- Kuala Lumpur Commodities Exchange
NCDEX- National Commodity and Derivative Exchange
MCX- Multi Commodity Exchange
NMCE- National Multi Commodity Exchange
CME- Chicago Mercantile Exchange
LME- London Metal Exchange


OL- Oil
BN- Bean
ML- Meal
CO- Corn
COT/COTT- Cotton
USD- US Dollar
DLX/USDX- US Dollar Index
CRD- Crude Oil
NA/GAS- Naturalgas
GLD- Gold
SIL- Silver
COP- Copper
LD- Lead
ZI- Zinc
NI- Nickel
ALM- Aluminum
CPO- Crude Palm Oil


Mention Call Target1/Single Target- Position Close Same Day.
Mention Call Target More Than 2- Position Hold Till Target With Following SL.
Partial Book- First Target Level 50% Complete than Book Partial Position or Your Choice SL Trial Arround Call Level.


Fundamental Reports

Mandi Report
Demand Arrival/Supply
Crop Survey
Weather Report
Morning Report
Visit Note
Special Event Reports/Update
News Analysis
Closing Report
Initiating Coverage
Earnings Preview
Earnings Review
Sector Report
IPO Note


Technical & Other Reports

Daily Technical Report
Intra Day/Short Term/Long Term/Directional Calls
Pair/Spread Trade
Debt Market
Mutual Funds
Real Estate

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